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Children's Climbing Parties

Our children's parties are aimed at birthdays happening in Year's 1-6 in Primary School.  Whether it's your child's 6th Birthday or 11th Birthday they'll love their Climbing Party - and so will you!  We'll get all the children involved from the outset and throughout the party before heading back to the Party Area for party food (you provide) and you can leave all the mess behind for us to clear away.

Aim to arrive just 15 minutes before the party starts to enable us to get the children into their harnesses. The climbing activity last for 90 mins, then you have another 45 minutes for the party food afterwards.


Warm up games

When you and your party guests arrive we'll already be set up and ready to go.  We kick off the party with some warm up games, traversing on the climbing wall, finding hidden treasures as they go.


Everyone gets involved

To make sure no one is left out we do something called "bell-ringing."  This means that every child has a job, whether it's pulling the rope down as the climber climbs up (chief bell-ringer) or pulling the rope out help us to keep everyone safe (second in command), the children rotate through climbing in their groups of three and each instructor oversees up to two groups of three at a time.  This does mean, that even if a child decides they do not want to climb we still keep them involved in these very important jobs.


Leave the mess behind

Being able to walk away at the end of the party and leave all the mess behind is an added bonus for you as parents.  We clean the Party Area after you've gone.

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