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Corporate Health & Wellbeing Package

Providing adventure activities for staff to help build team cohesion and improve mental health and wellbeing

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Investing in mental health interventions in the workplace is like making a smart financial decision.  It's like getting a high return on your investment by creating a healthier and more productive work environment.


Corporate Members will benefit from...

  • Adventure team building activities for all staff, choosing from paddleboarding, climbing (indoor and outdoor), abseiling and hiking

  • Free weekend hikes for all staff and their families throughout the UK

  • Nutrition workshops for all staff, provided by Derbyshire Institute of Sport

  • Discounts on UKGV activities for staff and their families

  • Monthly UKGV newsletter highlighting upcoming activities

  • Monthly Derbyshire Institute of Sport health and wellbeing factsheet

  • 20% discount on the Derbyshire Institute of Sport Business Champions course for senior leaders

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